Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hollywood Film Awards and Hollywood Post Alliance Awards Honor PACIFIC RIM

Awards season has started with some of the less known awards giving some out to our film of 2013, PACIFIC RIM!

At the Hollywood Film Awards, John Knoll won for best visual effects on behalf of Pacific Rim. John Knoll was Pacific Rim's VFX Supervior. The awards will be handed out October 21, 6 days after Pacific Rim's blu-ray/DVD release.

Elsewhere, the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards, an awards ceramony that focuses on a film's post-production toutches, have nominated PACIFIC RIM for three awards. Here is a breakdown of the awards and the other nominees:

1. Outstanding Color Grading - Feature film
-Star Trek: Into Darkness
-Anna Karrenina
-Life of Pi
-Iron Man 3
-Man of Steel

2. Outstanding Sound - Feature film
-Gangster Squad
-Iron Man 3

3. Outstanding Visual Effects - Feature film
-Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
-Man of Steel
-Iron Man 3
-Star Trek: Into Darkness

As one might notice, a couple of films from yester-year are included. This is because while traditional awards ceramonies have a cut off at the beginning of the new year, the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards have a cut off of the end of each year's summer.

Winners will be announced and awards will be given out on November 7th.

Lets hope Pacific Rim will win big!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Long Road Ahead Of Us

Here it is team:

Like mentioned in the initial post, getting the Oscars for PACIFIC RIM means Pacific Rim riding a wave of wins or nominations at the smaller awards ceramonies. Comming up will be a blog post about how we could potentially help out PACIFIC RIM's chances of winning an Oscar, but until then, don't go all guerilla war fare with the materials presented.

Here is the breakdown, in the order these awards usually take place in:

1. National Board of Review of Motion Pictures

There are two possible awards from this group PACIFIC RIM could garner: Career Achievements in Prouction: CInematography, Music, Effects

Official site:

2. Satellite Rewards

There are two possible awards from this group PACIFIC RIM could garner: Best Art Direction/Production Design) and Best Visual Effects

Official site:

3. Critics Choice Movie Awards

Here they are, including an interesting award tailor made for PACIFIC RIM:

-Broadcast Film Critics Association Award (BFCAA) for Best Action Movie
-BFCAA for Best Art Direction
-BFCAA for Best Visual Effects

Official site:

4. British Academy of Film and Television Awards

-Best Sound
-Production DDesign
-Special Visual Effects
-Sound Mixing
-Sound Editing

Official site:

And of course, after that is the Oscars!

NEXT: How to increase the chances of Pacific Rim's nominations and wins with each individual awards ceramony.

More Flyers!

For Your Consideration


Welcome to K-DAY AT THE OSCARS! Award season for the films of the year start in November, and most films have to ride a wave of wins in order to make it to the big time - the Oscars! Our goal here is to promote PACIFIC RIM for awards. Its September, so planning of our promotion of this film, so deserving of some awards, (though there are no illusions here that PACIFIC RIM would ever win, let alone be nominated for Best film, ect.), has to start now.

As of now, lest suggestions from members think otherwise (the sound categories of the film), there are two awards that PACIFIC RIM could realistically be nominated for and possibly win: Best Production Design and Best Visual effects.

The effort is going to take the help of a lot of people from a lot of walks of life. Ultimately, the Oscars are voted on by the peers of those who are nominated. If we can help them see that PACIFIC RIM is the film which does the job the best in this year of 2013, then we have accomplished our goal.

Many people like PACIFIC RIM - Del Toro fans, Legendary Pictures fans, ect. - but I am particularly a kaiju fan. Seeing the kaiju film aesthetic done right (after a couple of bad attempts over the past two decades) brought tears to my eyes through out the whole film. Couple that with Guillermo Del Toro's vision, the work of Industrial Light and Magic, and the hard work done by so many people, PACIFIC RIM is a beauty of its own which has been fighting an up hill battle.

Lets help have K-Day happen at the Oscars!

To Come:
-A look at Pacific Rim's competitors
-Videos made to share
-Flyers to post on facebook, twitter, sources industry proffessionals may notice